Should You Drink Water Before, During & After a Workout?

You already know that water is essential to your health, and you probably already get an adequate amount of fluids to meet your basic needs.

If you are exercising, however, you need to increase your water intake to make up for the fluid you lose when you sweat.

It is important to drink water in regular intervals before, during and after your exercise session.

Importance of Water

  • More than half of your body weight is comprised of water, and you need water to maintain proper functioning of every organ and cell in your body.
  • Water is necessary for bodily functions such as waste removal and joint lubrication.
  • When you are exercising, water also helps to regulate your body temperature.
  • If you do not drink enough water during your exercise session, you are putting yourself at greater risk for dehydration and further complications.

Hydration Tips For convenience

  1. carry a water bottle with you throughout the day.
  2. Refillable bottles with litre markings make it easy to keep track of your water intake.
  3. For a splash of flavor, try squeezing some lemon or lime juice into your water bottle.

Avoiding Dehydration

If you become dehydrated during exercise, your muscles will begin to fatigue.

You may experience cramps, weakness and loss of coordination.

In a state of dehydration, your body is unable to cool itself, which can lead to serious consequences such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

To avoid dehydration, you need to be aware of the amount of water you drink not only while you are exercising but also before and after your workout.

To check if you are adequately hydrated, take a look at your urine. If it’s dark yellow, increase your fluid intake.

  • The amount of water you drink directly affects the color of your urine, (according to a report from Harvard Health Publications).
  • Your urine is composed of excess water and waste elements that are filtered from your blood by your kidneys.
  • The darker your urine, the more concentrated these waste products are, signaling a lack of water.
  • If you suffer from dehydration, your urine will become a dark amber color and look murky with a smell stronger than normal.

Too much water, however, can cause over hydration and can overwork your kidneys.

Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning without adding any tea bags, loose herbs or other ingredients.

Warm water is beneficial to your system because it matches your body temperature more closely than cold water, making it easier for your body to assimilate the hydration effects, since it doesn’t have to expend calories in trying to warm it up to your body temperature,


NB: Try to avoid cold water.

***If you don’t like drinking warm water each time, drink room-temperature water instead***.

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